The Perfect Florida Wreath

The Perfect Florida Wreath

I was perusing Michael’s for something totally different but stumbled upon these faux oranges and I knew immediately how I was going to use them. 

My favorite way to make a wreath is to start with a grapevine wreath. It is so easy to tuck and weave faux stems into it. I always put hot glue along the stem and then stick it into the vine. I’ve made a lot of wreaths over the years and I have learned that the more you tuck in, the better it looks. Hold it up often and make sure it looks even. Don’t forget to add around the outer and inner rim! At the end, I use paddle wire to secure everything in place. Be sure to take your time and pull the wire tight but going back and pulling the leaves over the wire so the wire cannot be seen. This will also help to keep the fullness of the wreath. The fuller the better! 

Here is a list / links to everything I used! 
1.18” Grapevine Wreath

2. Floral Wire

3. Filler Greenery (Cannot find the exact greenery I used. Look for something that looks real! I think THIS could be really cool to use.)

4. 8 Orange Stems (I’m not able to link seasonal items, so check your local Michael’s Stores)

 PS: love love love the Meyers Sweater! Such a unique fit that makes it feel so chic, but most importantly, it is very comfortable!  You’ll love it for these chillier days ahead! 


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