Scenes from a Weekend Well Spent

Scenes from a Weekend Well Spent

Our weekend was filled with all of the good things... friends, family, flowers, and all the sports... and I woke up this morning feeling so fulfilled. I am embracing this sweet season. These days are filled making precious memories and learning valuable lessons amidst all of the hustle.

On Friday, we let Tripp skip school to attend the Furyk & Friends Golf Tournament at Timuquana. He had the best day following Phil Michelson and we had the best day following him. It was really nice to have an afternoon solely focused on Tripp while his sister was being spoiled by her grandparents.

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That evening, we switched gears to baseball mode. My highlight was watching Tripp lead both teams in the NOL pledge. We have been talking a lot about characteristics of a great leader and it was especially meaningful to see him step up in this position on Friday. 

Saturday was an early morning wake up for all of us. I was at the flower shop at 7am securing flowers for an order the next day and we were all out the door by 7:45 to get Tripp to his flag football game across town. Sister has fully embraced her role as ballpark baby. She finds her friends and the snacks and lives her very best life. 

When we got home from football, Patrick and Tripp changed and went straight to the tournament, while I put Blaire Alice down for what turned out to be 3 glorious hours of alone time. I spent every minute of those 3 hours working around my house... planting up pots, tinkering in my greenhouse, unloading and reloading the dishwasher, folding towels, and organizing drawers... even though I never sat down, it was the most relaxing part of my weekend.

I have been thinking a lot lately about challenging myself to be a harder worker. I have a friend who I so admire because she is the hardest worker I know. From sun up to sun down, she is running her home, taking care of her family, working her job, and somehow even making time to take care of herself.

I've really been trying to focus on being more diligent in my day to day routines and surprisingly, have even made time for some of the to dos I have been putting off. Last week, I wiped down cabinets and baseboards, took cushions off the couch and vacuumed underneath (this was disgusting by the way)... I washed windows and doors, I organized closets... I was amazed at how I began to fall in love with my home all over again. Truthfully, I have had many frustrations with this house over the past couple of years. It feels a bit too small for all 5 of us (including Georgia) and it is an older home constantly in need of repairs and updates. But while I was meticulously tending to it last week, I gained a fresh perspective about how sweet this space is and how wonderful a task to take care of it everyday. I am very thankful for the warmth and safety this little home gives my family. It doesn't have to be the biggest or most beautiful to make really precious memories. This is our little plot of land to tend to and make the most of. 

And I guess God was really trying to drive that point home on Sunday when I woke up very worried about the greenery in my flower arrangements due at 9:15. Ha. I decided to try a new greenery and I just didn't like it. Since my flower shop is closed on Sundays, I was in a bit of a dilemma. While pondering this, I glanced out the window and literally saw my neighbor's variegated pittosporum lining the front of her house. It was exactly what I wish I would have bought the day before. I texted my neighbor who without hesitation invited me to take as much as I needed! So with cup of coffee and pruners in hand, I walked across the street, cut exactly what I needed and finished the flower arrangements. They looked so much better and I was so relieved. And we all loaded up on the golf cart to have them delivered by 9:15am! Crisis averted. But that little neighborly exchange is just a small example of how great my neighbors are and how thankful I am to have a sweet community surrounding me. 

 Please take a moment to stare at these pictures! We delivered the flowers to the Yacht Club and this room stopped me in my tracks. It was breathtaking. The room was designed by Crosby Interiors. I always admire her work, but this room might be my favorite. Every detail was beautiful and so well done! 

The rest of Sunday was spent back at the golf tournament with our friends.  I loved watching Tripp and his buddies chase down golfers for autographs while we chatted with our best friends. 


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I woke up this morning so ready for a great week ahead. Even though our season of life is very full and can certainly bring a bit of exhaustion, I just love it here. I want to embrace the fullness and the hustle and enjoy every bit of the memories we are making and the lessons we are learning. 


I hope you have the very best and (dare I say) most productive week.


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