Mother's Centerpiece or Gift Idea

Mother's Centerpiece or Gift Idea

A few plants and a pretty container plus a super simple printable project, you got yourself a beautiful centerpiece or a thoughtful gift!

I found these Salmon Zinnias and Variegated Vinca at Ace Hardware last week and I knew the two were meant to be together! :) 

When putting together a plant arrangement, I use the following pattern. Thriller, filler, and spiller! In this particular arrangement, I skipped the filler. The Salmon Zinnias are the thriller (the main, show-stopping flower or plant in the arrangement) and the Variegated Vinca is my spiller (something that "spills" over the side, any trailing plant of ivy works great!). 

I love using plants as a centerpiece, because you can enjoy them inside for a bit and then transfer them outside to watch them grow. Zinnias are a great investment, because you can also use them as a cut flower once they get bigger and healthier stems! 

To make this pennant, simply print, cut, glue to any type of stick and then tie ribbon around the stick! I think it would be extra sweet to have your kids sign the back maybe even put their handprint on it!

Here is the link to the word document to print the pennant! I hope this works, lol, I am not a graphic designer and not very tech savvy!  

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