Bye Bye Blackbird

Bye Bye Blackbird

There is a little scenario I see quite often this time of year. Maybe you have seen it too. I am driving down the road and up from the trees arises a black bird being chased by a little bird. I am always so amused by the way the big bird is trying desperately to get away from a bird much smaller than him. And the way this little bird is flying looks like she is absolutely giving the big bird the business. The mama business. She is flying and yelling and chasing and if she could get a hold of that bird, he would not doubt get the whoopin’ he so deserves.

I tip my hat to that little mama bird who I imagine is just trying to protect her babies. And it doesn’t matter that she can’t fly as fast or that she is not as big, she will stop at nothing to get him away from her babies.

I feel the same.

There is another little scenario that I have been navigating more and more often. It is conversation after conversation with Tripp questioning rules we have in our home. Why can’t I… and everyone else gets to… I can tell you that these conversations get really old and it really frustrates me to have to answer the same questions time and time again. BUT I will do WHATEVER I have to do to protect this boy of mine. To protect his eyes from seeing things he shouldn’t see, his ears from hearing things he shouldn’t hear… and to shepherd his little heart toward the only One who brings true joy.

Let’s be honest, parenting in the twenty first century is just a whole new ball game. While I love the conveniences modern technology provides, I’m also faced with challenges my parents did not face. Recently, I have read so many scary articles warning against the dangers of social media and phones and video games and apps I had no idea existed – it is alarming to see how far evil people will go to corrupt our children. How sneaky and conniving they are to get to them. How vigilant we must be…

There is just something really inspiring about that little bird… SQUAWKING and SCREAMING while she is DIPPING and DIVING though the sky. That big bird does NOT stand a chance against an angry mother protecting her precious babies.

It makes me think of my own battle I’m facing and reminds me to channel my inner little mama bird. I am protecting my nest and the babies in it and I will stop at nothing to keep the enemy from invading my home. I hope now that I’ve pointed out this scenario in the skies, you might see it for yourself and feel inspired and empowered to keep pressing on! Keep squawking, screaming, chasing, dipping and diving. You are not alone and you are doing the most important work! 



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