A Fall Centerpiece

A Fall Centerpiece

As I'm typing this, my precious 3 month old nephew is taking a nap in the bassinet next to me. My house is relatively picked up and there looks to be a bit of a rain storm coming our way. Not a bad way to spend my day. 

Today, I am sharing how I mix faux stems with real greenery to create a Fall centerpiece. The best part of these types of arrangements is that you can use the faux stems year after year!

For this arrangement, I used magnolia stems that I got from my backyard. I love using magnolia because it lasts for a while especially in water and these stems are still pretty when they start to turn! 

Magnolia stems create an easy grid to stick the faux stems into. Once you secure the magnolia in water (you can always tape a grid on top of your vessel if you're having a hard time get them to stay), then you use the magnolia as a base to get everything else to stay. 

I like to cut my faux stems pretty short, so they stay out of the water. I only fill my vessel halfway and make sure the magnolia is submerged. I do this because I like to use my faux stems every year and although I think they would be fine to be in water, I like to play it on the safe side. 

I am very picky when it comes to faux florals. In fact, I hardly ever buy a faux flower, because they almost always look fake. I tend to use mostly berries and other textures. I also remove leaves if they look too fake. Michaels is always my go to when it comes to florals, but I have found great pieces at Hobby Lobby and Joanns. I've collected quite a few over the years and always look forward to getting them back out each September.

I set this arrangement behind our couch and it provides the perfect bit of rich color as we enter into this beautiful, cozy season! I linked a few vessels and floral stems to help get you started - just click the picture to shop! I would love to see what you come up with if you make one!


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